About 1,85,000 strokes occur every year in India with nearly one stroke every 40 seconds and one stroke death every 4 minutes. The stroke burden is greater in India and increasing amongst younger and middle-aged people. Families from mid and low socio-economic strata of society cannot access or afford rehabilitative services and survivors are left with lifelong disabilities and dependency on others.

Our Centre provides comprehensive care for post-stroke patients under one roof. A comprehensive approach helps survivors prevent lifelong disabilities and supports their rehabilitative journey to become independent and functioning members of society.

Our services include:

1. State-of-the-art facilities for physical therapy and neuro-rehabilitation
2. Leading speech and language therapists to address aphasia or loss of communication abilities
3. Tried and tested strategies in occupational therapy to bring back movement in hands
4. Cognitive therapy by experienced therapists to improve attention and memory
5. Counselling for family members and caregivers