Samvaad Foundation


Samvaad Foundation offers various forms of Speech and Hearing support through its programs. 

Outreach programs

In our outreach program, we have various activities like camps, infant screening, school screening, and walkathons to create awareness among the public about different speech and hearing disorders.

We provide infant hearing screening at Yelahanka government hospital and camps held in different rural & semi-urban slums and government schools in and around Bangalore. 

The service currently screens 10,000 children and roughly 500 adults annually. We anticipate 200 children and 100 adults requiring specialist referral – which we will provide at the Samvaad Institute for free or at discounted rates.

Resource Room at Hebbal Govt. School

A special educator and interns provide speech therapy for children with speech and language difficulties. Two hearing impaired girls studying in the school are being taught through sign language and have become literate

Free and Subsidised Therapy supporting three categories –  Individual therapy for children with autism; hearing impairment; and Aphasia, the loss of language post stroke.

Providing Cochlear Implants and therapy for children 15-20 children are in need of support every year. Implants followed by therapy help to regain full speech and hearing abilities enabling life to go forward including access to schooling.

Speech therapy for person with aphasia ( loss of communication after a stroke)